sexta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2009

Development Release: Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6

ubuntu Steve Langasek has announced the availability of the sixth alpha release of Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala": "Welcome to Karmic Koala Alpha 6, which will in time become Ubuntu 9.10." New features in this alpha include Upstart and Ubuntu Software Store: "As part of our boot performance work, we have now transitioned to Upstart. If you are testing on your primary machine, we strongly suggest having an Ubuntu Karmic alpha 5 live CD available, or creating an Alpha 5 USB start-up disk before doing an upgrade. Ubuntu Karmic Alpha 6 includes the Ubuntu Software Store. It is temporarily located under System, with a plan to replace AddRemove in the Beta release." See the release announcement and release notes for more information and known issues. Download (SHA256): karmic-desktop-i386.iso (694MB, torrent), karmic-desktop-amd64.iso (695MB, torrent). Besides Ubuntu, "Karmic Koala" Alpha 6 images for Kubuntu (download, release notes), Xubuntu (download), Ubuntu Studio (download) and Mythbuntu (download) have also been released.

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